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About 25 miles away from Fayetteville is the town of Red Springs. Red Springs can trace its history back to March, 11 1775. If considering a purchase in Red Springs, expect to find an array of diverse properties. Residents of Red Springs appreciate country living, away from the city.

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Recreation is provided by the Town of Red Springs in conjunction with the Red Springs Recreation Commission and the Robeson County Parks and Recreation Department.

The Town of Red Springs owns and maintains:

  • five mini-parks

  • three lighted tennis courts

  • and five lighted baseball fields.

The Robeson County Parks and Recreation Department offers a wide array of indoor and outdoor recreation activities, including youth basketball, football, and soccer, adult basketball and softball, crafts, dance, exercise, nature trails, and canoeing.
Red Springs also has a Summer Recreation program, which runs from four to six weeks from the end of June through mid August for children First Grade to upcoming Seniors in High School. Activities include: Sports, Art and Crafts, Small Field Trips to Museums, College Campus Visits, Planetarium trip along with Movies and Swim Days, and ALL concluded with cook out celebration

The following attractions and activities are readily available while in Red Springs:

  • The Red Springs Arts Council - is a non-profit corporation dedicated to enhancing the arts for the benefit of our community for over 32 years.

  • Architecture Tours - One of the Town of Red Springs responsibilities is Code Enforcement of our community. This not only allows the Town to keep up the appearance of our Community, but should also instill community pride by showcasing the beautiful buildings and rich history that graces our Town. Coming soon, the Town will try to bring attention some of the more historical and unique properties of our Town and surrounding areas.  The community will be invited to share in this section also. 

  • Local Museum - A historical museum with information since the town's beginning in 1775 to our local hometown hero Retired NASA Astronaut William McArthur Jr., who flew on four shuttle space missions.

Schools, Education, and Healthcare:

  • The Public Schools of Robeson County located in Red Springs includes one elementary, one middle and one high school with an enrollment of 1,864 students. Private Schooling is also available in Red Springs for grades K-12 at Flora MacDonald Academy and for grades Pre K-8 at Created For You Learning Academy.

  • Healthcare - Emergency medical services are provided by the Robeson County Ambulance Service and the Red Springs Rescue Squad. Robeson County provides coverage for the Red Springs area for 12 hours each day, five days a week (Monday-Friday). The Red Springs Rescue Squad provides service for the remaining 12 hours each day, plus 24 hours per day on weekends. The Rescue Squad consists of 30 members, 18 of whom are certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) and one ambulance and one crash truck. All Robeson County ambulances are staffed by certified EMT's. Red Springs has three medical doctors, one physician assistant (P.A.), one chiropractor, three privately practicing dentists, one optometrist and three drugstores.

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