Searching for VA approved condos

Search for a VA approved condo for no money down

Search VA approved condo for no money down

VA Approved Condo Search

Buying a condo means low maintenance and care-free living.  Did you know that you can buy a condo with a VA loan?  You can but there is one major requirement.  The condo must be on the Approved Condo List!  Basically the condo project must be “Accepted without conditions” or “HUD Accepted”.  So if the condo project is approved, you could use a VA loan for potentially a no money down purchase.

How to Search for a VA Approved Condo

  • Click here for condo search
  • Select “Details” in section 1
  • Check the box for “Retrieve only approved condos”
  • Search at least by “state”

Tips for using the VA Approved Condo Search Site:

  • It is best not to type in the name of the condo complex as sometimes the condo will not show even if you type it exactly right.  You can try though
  • If you want to search a small area, search by city and then search by the county separately.  Sometimes condos will show on one and not the other
  • VA can finance the purchase or refinance of VA approved condo complexes.  Terms are even available up to 30 year terms on condos.
  • If you have a hard time, try just looking by state only

Keep in mind that if the property is a townhome, these requirements do not apply.  If you are having a hard time finding VA eligible condos, call one of our offices and we will help you search.

Contact Team Move Mortgage for VA Approval

Let us know the area or condo you are interested in

Currently, there are 1473 approved condos in North Carolina.  Additionally, there are 266 in South Carolina and 2532 in Virginia.  So VA eligible buyers have plenty to choose from.

VA Condo Approval Types:

Accepted Without Conditions. The complex been reviewed and approved by VA.  In other words, a buyer may use a VA loan to finance the condo.

HUD Accepted.  Prior to December 2009, VA accepted any condo project by FHA/HUD.  Condos are grandfathered if HUD approved prior to this date.  Although, if a condo is only HUD Accepted, we will call VA just to make sure it is approved.

Unaccepted.  Condos with this status are not approved.  Though it may because VA has never reviewed the project.

VA Condo Complex Approval Process

So, what is the process for VA condo approval?  We are glad to help submit the condo complex to VA.   Most of all, it is important to have the cooperation of the association and management.  The condo association can provide required documentation for submission to VA.  We would be glad to help in this submission.  So if you are a Realtor, seller of a condo, a condo association, or a buyer, contact our team for assistance.

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