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North Carolina Property Tax Relief for the Elderly & Disabled

NC Property Tax Discounts Explained

North Carolina provides qualifying residents three great cost saving programs.  This article will explain NC Property Tax Discounts program benefits and requirements thoroughly.  In addition to showing you how to save money on property taxes, contact us to discover the best mortgage.  Mortgage loans available to retirees and disabled include VA, USDA, FHA, NC Housing Down Payment Assistance, and MCC income tax credits, and Reverse Mortgages.  Keep in mind when purchasing a home, you must own the home first and then can apply for any property tax relief programs.  Our goal is to ensure that qualifying NC residents save money.

 The 3 NC Property

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When Does A Refinance Make Sense? Don’t Go By the Saving 2% Rule!

When should I refinance?

Refinancing a mortgage when rates are low can save homeowners thousands to tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan term.  Too often everyone hears “You shouldn’t refinance unless you can save 2% in rate” and if everyone waited for a 2% reduction, so many could lose out on a very big savings!  Believe it or not, borrowers can even save from only a 1/4% lower interest rate as long as the costs versus savings makes sense.

When does it make sense to lower my mortgage interest rate through a refinance

When does it make sense to lower my mortgage interest rate through a refinance


 Examples to consider when a refinance makes sense or not:

  1. Larger loan amounts do not need as much of a lower rate to
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Seniors Can Purchase a Retirement Home With No Monthly PaymentNorth Carolina and South Carolina Reverse Mortgages

A Reverse Mortgage, in many ways, can be a valuable tool to purchasing a retirement home.

Retirees work all of their lives to get to the point of relaxing and enjoying retirement years, which often includes buying a home to live in without a payment as they “age in place”.

Many do not know that seniors 62 or older can use a Reverse Mortgage to purchase a home during retirement, yes purchase!  Many people that have heard of reverse mortgages only think of them as a Reverse mortgage strategies to live retirement without stressway of getting cash out as a refinance, but it now allows for senior citizens to purchase a primary residence so that they can enjoy retirement with no mortgage payment.  Of course, Reverse Mortgages are not the only

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