Successful Real Estate Investing Tips for Taxes, Cash Flow, & Qualifying

Are you wondering how to start investing in real estate?  Maybe you own a rental property already?  So many choose residential rental properties for investment income for several reasons.  These include potential appreciation in value, income tax write offs, funding retirement, and providing income along the way.  In order to achieve real estate investing success there are two main keys:  Knowledge and a great Realtor.  In this article, the goal is to share knowledge in these key areas:

  • Rental Property Write Offs
  • How Lenders Calculate Rental Income
  • Rental Property Cash Flow
  • Buying a New Rental Property
  • Avoid a Tax Ticking Time Bomb!

Real Estate…

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Military Couples, Advantages of Saying “I Do” on VA Home Loans

Married Military Couples have great Married Military Couples using VA home loan strategiesopportunities in using VA home loans!

For married couples, discussing VA entitlement with a trained Team Move VA Home Loan Expert is key to understanding your cost saving opportunities.

When a married couple are both in the military and/or Veterans, there are some great strategies for VA loans.  This can lower the loan costs, remove loan size restrictions, and even overcome a previous foreclosure.  The key thing to remember is to explore all options available for both VA eligible borrowers.  Today we answer popular questions relating to choosing which borrower’s eligibility to use.

Married Military Couples, one Veteran has used the full…

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