VA Jumbo Loan Down Payment Solution You Probably Did Not Know

VA loans may actually be the best home loan in the USA!  Heck, even the world possibly!  Although most VA loans are used for a no down payment purchase, it is also a very beneficial solution to buy a higher priced home.  Each county in the U.S. has a VA loan limit.  The good news is that VA will still offer this great loan while exceeding these county limits.  This is called a VA jumbo loan.  On these loans, a VA jumbo loan down payment is required and must be calculated.  So let’s discuss the benefits of a VA jumbo loan and a little known trick for obtaining the down payment.

VA Jumbo Loan Down Payment Optionva jumbo loan down payment

A VA jumbo loan is tough to beat for qualifying buyers in the luxury…

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The Best Loan in America – VA Loans and VA Loan Down Payment Solutions

VA home loans are best known for providing Veterans and service members with a no down payment purchase option.  Although, sometimes VA loans require a down payment.  For instance, there could be a VA loan down payment required if a buyer would have two VA loans at once.  Have two VA loans at once?  Absolutely!  It is very possible to use a 2nd VA loan with no money down while keeping another VA loan.  But as the purchase pricelevel increases, a down payment could be required.  Having two VA loans at once is called accessing a Veteran’s “bonus entitlement”, which is also called 2nd Tier Entitlement.  So in this article, we will not only discuss how to obtain a 2nd VA loan…

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Will Credit Inquiries Hurt My Credit Score or Mortgage Approval?

So has the lending world scared you into believing your credit score is your whole meaning in life?  Obviously it isn’t, but it does play a very important role in key areas of life.  Some you may surprise you.  Credit scores could determine insurance rates, employment, opening a bank account, and of course, borrowing money.  Scores are especially important in mortgage lending.  There are several factors which make up a credit score.  One of these factors are credit inquiries.

A credit inquiry means a company or person is “pulling” your credit report.  Although there are more credit inquiries affect on credit scoresimportant factors, credit inquiries generally contribute to 10% of the overall score.  Therefore, credit…

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First Time Home Buyer Admits “If I Had Only Done This”

Thinking about buying a first home and trying to figure out what to do can be an overwhelming thought.  There are a lot of things to consider such as price, payment, amenities, down payment, and qualification.  Plus spending and probably borrowing tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars is a huge step.  So foremost, a first time home buyer must be an informed and educated buyer.  In this article we want to provide the first time buyer how to avoid the worst mistake.  Also, throughout the article there are links to other helpful articles for first time buyers on this site.

Do Not Make This Mistake as a First Time Home Buyer!first time home buyer mistakes to avoid

There are a lot of firsts for a first time home buyer.  So,…

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Why a First Time Home Buyer Should Avoid an Online Mortgage Lender Process

Are you currently living with family, staying with friends, or renting an apartment or home?  Are you like many that want to achieve the dream of homeownership for the first time?  This is a huge step and it should not be taken lightly.  Even though Millennials and others may prefer to text or message everything today, don’t do an exclusive online mortgage!  So why not an online lender and do the whole process electronically?  Because a first time home buyer loan process should start off with thorough conversations and ask detailed questions with an experienced loan officer.

These up-front, detailed conversations about goals, qualification, and products are key.  Just…

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