How To Take Accounts Out of Dispute Quickly & Free:

With so many people disputing accounts regularly, very few are aware how credit disputes impact their credit score. Make sure you're ready for the home buying process by ensuring the items disputed are removed. There are currently free ways for a consumer to have accounts taken out of dispute directly with the bureaus.  Make sure that you do this for anyone in the household that has disputes.  Please see the instructions below to remove disputes for Equifax, Experian, and Transunion:

  • Equifax:  Call 404-885-8300 and it is answered by a live person.  Tell them “I need to speak with someone in the Executive Consumer ServiceHow to remove credit report dispute language for an accurate and usable score for mortgage loan approvals Department as I need to have disputes removed from my credit report”.  …

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USDA Eligible Areas – Fayetteville NC Effective February 2, 2015


Check out the USDA eligible areas that are around Fayetteville and Cumberland County below

USDA is a great program for first time or subsequent home buyers to be able to finance 100% (No Money Down!) of the purchase price in Cumberland County.  Much of Fayetteville is not eligible for USDA financing but once you are in the county, there are some USDA eligible areas.

USDA eligible areas near Fayetteville, NC

To Zoom in closer to view eligible areas or to type in a specific property address for USDA eligibility, following these instructions:

Click here for USDA Property Eligibility Search

You can search by “property eligibility”

Click on “single family housing”

Click “Accept”

Type in an…

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