Is it Okay For a VA Borrower Not to Primarily Live in the New Home?


Yes, in certain circumstances he/she can.  VA allows for this as long as someone in the family will occupy the home as the principal residence.  This can be used in situations such as:

  • A borrower’s family is moving to a new area but the borrower continues to work in their previous home / area while looking to transfer to the new home area

  • A service member is stationed a long distance from the home, but will come home on weekends or similar

  • A borrower has a history of working a long distance from their home such as a truck driver, national or regional sales, or others

  • A service member is waiting to be transferred to a new base but it has not…

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How to Prepare for the Meeting with the Mortgage Lender

If you tuned in for our previous blog, then you know that we discussed the benefits of a Pre-Approval in the home buying process. This week we are taking some of the guess work out of the initial meeting with the Lender. The home buying process and the lending process are integral. It is our goal at Military Family Realty to make sure the home buying process is as seamless as possible, but it all begins at the initial meeting with your lender.

But you may be wondering, "What Should I Expect on My Initial Visit with the Mortgage Lender?" In short, the answer to this question depends on how prepared you are on the initial visit. If you are seriously looking to buy a home, you can avoid a lot of…

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