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Military Couples, Advantages of Saying “I Do” on VA Home Loans

Married Military Couples have great Married Military Couples using VA home loan strategiesopportunities in using VA home loans!

For married couples, discussing VA entitlement with a trained Team Move VA Home Loan Expert is key to understanding your cost saving opportunities.

When a married couple are both in the military and/or Veterans, there are some great strategies for VA loans.  This can lower the loan costs, remove loan size restrictions, and even overcome a previous foreclosure.  The key thing to remember is to explore all options available for both VA eligible borrowers.  Today we answer popular questions relating to choosing which borrower’s eligibility to use.

Married Military Couples, one Veteran has used the full

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Do Not Get Caught With an Unexpected Tax Bill Because of the 2018 Capital Gains Rules!

The House and Senate income tax reform bills offer a lot of changes to many tax payers.  Many are debating the pros versus cons of tax reform.  The main goal of the reform appears to be to help the American tax payers and further stimulate the economy.  One potential area of concern in both tax reform proposals deals with the capital gains tax on the sale of real estate.  First of all, we are not representing this as tax advice or that we are tax professionals.  Rather, we want to share types of questions or topics that sellers, Realtors, CPA’s, mortgage professionals, and more should discuss.  Plus, this discussion should take place before listing the home

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2018 FHA Loan Limits Increases Homeownership Opportunities for Buyers

After the recent announcement of the conforming loan limits increase, FHA has now announced their own increase.  Housing prices have continued to climb which is a good thing to owners, but can be a struggle for home buyers.  As a buyer sits on the sidelines as a renter or living with family, prices are rising.  This affects housing payment affordability.  In order to combat this potential roadblock for homebuyers and keep up with the price increases,  FHA loan limits are increasing for 2018.

HUD Announcement Takes Place on January 1, 2018fha loan limits 2018

As stated on the website, FHA issued Mortgagee Letter 17-16 that increases FHA loan limits.  These new limits are effective

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6 Reasons to Get Your Certificate of Eligibility Before Buying

In order to get a VA loan, it is important to make sure that the Veteran is first eligible for VA.  Often, we are able to get the VA Certificate of Eligibility for the Veteran within a couple minutes online.  But, there are times that this information is not available online.  Therefore a Veteran has a couple of options:  With certain documentation provided up-front, we can request the COE from VA.  Also the Veteran may request the COE directly from the Department of Veteran Affairs.  Either way, there are at least 6 reasons to obtain the VA COE prior to going under contract.  The following can cause delays at minimum, but may also potentially cause a cancelled contract.  So, let’s

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2018 Conforming Loan Limits Increase Helps More Buyers Qualify

It has just been announced that conforming loan limits 2018 will increase significantly.  The good news is this will help more buyers with affordable financing.  Affordable financing means great rates and lower down payments, but up to higher loan amounts.  Basically, the surging home prices across the country have allowed the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) to increase loan limits twice in 2 years.  Prior to the 2017 loan limit increase, it had been over 10 years since the last increase.  Most experts believe home prices are expected to climb even more.  So, buyers may consider buying sooner rather than later.  Conversely, sellers may want to do the opposite.  Yet, if a seller

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Will New Tax Proposals Be the Death of Real Estate?

Many real estate professionals, lenders, and tax payers fear that the proposed income tax plans could drastically affect the housing market in a negative way.  These fears include more Americans choosing to rent instead of own, interest rates going up, and owners losing a ton of equity.  That is enough to scare anyone!  Although the tax plans have been crafted very quickly for overhauling such a complicated tax system, it shouldn’t be as bad as many are making it out to be.  Even with the proposed mortgage interest deduction limitations, there are positives for many tax payers.

mortgage interest deduction

Alan Thompson, CPA with Thompson, Price, Scott, & Adams, states that “All of the tax reform proposals are

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How to Sell Your House With Top 12 Creative Ideas

Recently a Realtor asked for some creative negotiating items a seller may offer to a buyer.  Basically, what can the seller do to sweeten the deal so the buyer is more willing and/or able to go under contract.  This Realtor, like many, realize that a purchase contract is about more than just the price.  Sometimes these ideas for sellers mentioned below will sway a buyer towards that house, but it may also help the buyer better qualify.  Either way, these ideas could help a seller and listing agent sell your house.

12 Ideas for How to sell your housesell your house

Realtors will recognize most of these ideas, but some real estate agents and sellers may not realize that one or more tips could finalize a

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8 Reasons Now is the Time to Buy a House

Are you currently renting?  Is your lease coming up for renewal?  Before you extend your lease for another year or two, why not consider exploring the possibility of buying instead of continuing to pay someone else’s mortgage?  First of all, we are not going to say everyone should buy a house.  Not everyone wants to.  But there are many advantages to homeownership.  On top of the normal benefits to homeownership, this is quite the time to buy!  A few reasons to become a homeowner now rather than later include the following.

8 Reasons to Buy Now Instead of Renting

buy a house

Look into your future. Does it include buying a home?

  1. Home prices are expected to rise
  2. Interest rates are expected to rise
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Getting a Mortgage While Separated Without Cancelled Checks

The end of a marriage is a trying time for a family and it typically doesn’t happen often in someone’s life, so it is hard to prepare for what happens or needs to happen.  In addition to the emotional toll it places on a family, a separation can also wreak havoc on a family’s finances as well.  Once you get a separation agreement completed, the language may sound pretty simple for what to do.  Maybe one person take over this debt, another take over the house, or even one spouse pay the other the equity in the house.  But then once you start trying to actually get that refinance, pay off the ex spouse, or purchase another home, it is tougher than you think.

Separation Agreement and

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Unlike paystubs on a civilian job, an enlisted service member’s paystub may show the expected end of the employment or career.  The military paystub, called a Leave & Earnings Statement (LES), states the Expiration of Term of Service.  For short, this separation date from active duty is commonly known as the ETS date.  When getting a VA loan, lenders really care about the ETS date on the LES.  So what’s the big deal?  Let’s check it out.

Why do Lenders Care About the ETS Date?ETS date less than a year for VA loans

Guidelines, Underwriters, and Lenders are always weighing risk when determining if a loan should be approved.  The higher the risk, the lower the chance of VA loan approval.  Therefore, when a lender sees that the employment term for the service member “may” end soon, that is

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